Xenical is a weight loss drug developed by Roche Pharmaceuticals. It’s a capsule based weight loss drug that could be used only through prescription which means the product could only be used if they are advised or approved by doctors. Aside from aiding the individual from losing weight, Xenical also aids in preventing weight gain.

The key component of Xenical is Orlistat – a well known drug that could help users in preventing weight gain and foster weight loss. Orlistat through Xenical becomes a prescription drug but a milder form of Orlistat is also available in a product called Alli which could be bought over the counter.

Xenical is issued for individuals with BMI (body mass index) of more than 30 and could even be issued for children above 12 years old if they are suffering from obesity. But aside from those who wanted to lose weight, Xenical can also be issued for those who wanted to prevent weight gain. If they already reached their desired body, they can use Xenical to prevent further weight gain.

How Xenical Works

Xenical’s purpose in the body is to prevent fats from being absorbed. The product will place itself in the enzymes of the stomach and intestines responsible for fat absorption. The enzyme is called lipases and its only role is on fats which mean it will never prevent healthy components of food from being absorbed. By preventing fat from being absorbed, the calorie intake will be reduced and could be easily shed by the body. Eventually weight gain could be experienced or prevented.

Since Xenical basically prevent fats from being absorbed, intake of Xenical might not be on regular basis. Most will only take Xenical if they anticipate large intake of fats in their food. However, there are those who opted to use Xenical regularly because the product also aids in preventing blood sugar from going up. This means Xenical could help individuals who are suffering from Diabetes. Xenical is even becoming a drug recommended for the obese as a way of weight loss pill and prevention of diabetes.

If you’re considering taking Xenical in a regular basis, be sure to seek recommendation from doctors. Xenical is primarily a fat prevention pill and should be used for that purpose only. Using it for its additional effects could be dangerous if they are taken without doctor’s approval.

Efficiency of Xenical

Xenical is not a wonder drug for weight loss. While it can foster weight loss, its efficiency is only noticeable if it is aided with proper diet. Although Xenical can help prevent fats from being absorbed, it will not be able to work well if there is too much fat being taken. Studies have suggested that the efficiency of Xenical could increase nearly 100% if the user combines the use of Xenical with proper diet.

Xenical also conditions the body to avoid absorption of fats. Although it will not completely prevent weight gain, a person who used to take Xenical should not expect any drastic weight gain. Those who stay in a fat-free diet could even prevent any weight gain after using Xenical.

Side Effects of Xenical

The side effects of Xenical are usually based on the fact that too much fat was taken. Aside from controlling weight gain, it is highly advised that use of Xenical should be aided with fat-free diet to avoid any side effects.

The side effects caused by Xenical are the following:

Oil Seepage – oil comes out of the bowl uncontrollably.
Increased emission of gas
Uncontrolled bowel movement
Stomach pain

These are the “expected” side effects of Xenical. There are other side effects such as flu, back pains, cold and problems with menstruation should also be expected but generally do not happen to most patients. However, when severe pain and inconvenience (such as allergic reactions are experienced, immediate medical attention should be administered since the side effects could lead to further medical problems.

Xenical is regarded to be safe for those pregnant but these tests were only conducted on animals which mean no direct study was made on its effects to humans. No study was made on breastfeeding either. This means Xenical should be taken by pregnant and those breastfeeding with caution or should be avoided altogether.

Precaution on Xenical

Before taking Xenical, it is important for the patient to inform the doctor of their current medical condition or any procedures they have experienced. Problems related to diabetes should be especially noted since the medicines used for diabetes and Xenical could cause further problems and could be fatal.

It is also important to note that Xenical will try to prevent fats in your body. While this process is very effective on fats while avoiding proteins, it can drain other vitamins as well which will cause reduction of vitamin absorption. Talk to your doctor regarding additional vitamins that you might need while taking Xenical.

Xenical is also known to cause inconvenient problems in the bowel area. The product’s prominent side effect is uncontrollable bowel movement. Your bowel could release oil or gas uncontrollably, anytime. This is very embarrassing especially if you’re in a public place and very difficult to deal with when uncontrolled bower happens. To prevent this from happening, be sure to follow your doctor’s tips on diet or count the calories on the food that you will be eating today. Xenical is a proven weight loss product but it requires strict diet to achieve optimal efficiency while preventing embarrassing side effects.

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