Privacy Policy

We Take Your Privacy Seriously

This section outlines our process for protecting your privacy and any information they we may collect from you when you actively engage in on-site communication or through email.

The collection of Information and it’s Use
During typical use of this website, MyPhentermine will at times collect certain types of information that assists us in providing improved user experience. There are instances where we might collect names, emails, and/or IP addresses of the visitors that engage with us. This allows us to monitor and moderate spam while ensuring that our content is reaching the right users. We do no collect or store credit card information.

Browser Cookies

The technology that powers this website requires the use of cookies. For you to receive the full experience of browsing our website, browser cookies will need to enabled. A cookie is a small packet of data containing unique identifiers that is in most cases user specific. It allows us to provide you with a personalized and tailored experience when browsing For sections of our web page that require registration to view member only content, it creates a unique users session for you. Once logged out, your user session is destroyed.

Statistical Data

Certain information is collected during file access on our site. This information is used by us for evaluation purposes. The information that may be collected at times consists of: IP addresses, dates and times a page or file is accessed or downloaded, and referring web pages if applicable. Sometimes we may track visitor duration and geographical information as well through the use of analytic software.

Blog Commenting

Our blog is open to the public which allows anyone to post a comment without registering. If comments are closed on a specific blog post or product review, this is usually an indication that we are protecting our users and ourselves some excessive spam comments. We reserve the right to moderate all comments and will remove any user generated comment that we feel is in violation to our terms of use or considered spam, solicitation, and ill advice.


Certain information or files require you to create an account to proceed. The only information that’s stored in this case are usernames, email addresses, and IP addresses. If you would like us to remove your account and information completely, please emails us at to request removal or information updates.

User Passwords

We do not collect and store passwords in plain text form. All passwords created on your part during registration is first slated, then prior to being stored in the database it is encrypted (converted into a multi-character string).


In rare cases we may be required by law to disclose any or all of the information we collect and store. We will therefore comply with the legal authorities in assisting them with whatever matter has arisen.

Disclaimer: The information found throughout this website is not provided by us as a source of information that is meant to replace consultation from a licensed medical professional. Instead, please consider this information to be of entertainment only. To continue to provide our visitors with a free service and maintain this website up to date, we at times, may collect payment on a commission basis for various products that are sold throughout this website, payments from our partner's sponsored ads, and various promotional offers. All editorial reviews are unbiased and are solely the views of the editor and based off the experiences of the author.