Diethylpropion Review

Diethylpropion is a weight loss drug that could be acquired only through doctor’s prescription. It’s a drug often recommended for those who are suffering obesity aged 12 years and older. The drug used to be sold under the brand name Tenuate but since the patent has expired, the generic version of Tenuate and Diethylporpion is now available.

There are two versions of Diethylpropion – the pill form drug (25mg) and the capsule form drug (75mg). The pill form offers a short term effect and usually taken three times a day, 1 hour to 30 minutes before every meal. The capsule form, on the other hand, is taken in the middle of the day since it offers long term effect on the body. The doctor may also recommend another dosage depending on the medical records of the individual. For example, a pill maybe split in half instead of taking the whole pill before every meal.

Diethylpropion is an efficient weight loss but it cannot foster weight loss without an effort from user. Manufacturers of the weight loss drug emphasize the need to observe proper diet with proper exercise. Diethylpropion will boost the efficiency of dieting and exercise in order to lose weight faster.

How Diethylpropion Works in Your Body

Diethylpropion helps in weight reduction by suppressing your appetite. This could be done by the weight loss drug because Diethylpropion triggers a chemical messenger that prevents hunger. It also controls serotonin which is another chemical agent that signals the body does not need more food.

Another function of Diethylpropion that foster weight loss is through increased metabolism. This is done through the release of adrenaline which increases breakdown of cholesterol and calories in the body. These operations gradually reduce weight in the body as it will prevent cholesterol intake while increases its breakdown.

As already indicated, Diethylpropion will require the user to observe proper diet and exercise. These two actions complement the operations of Diethylpropion. Proper diet will complement controlled appetite since cholesterol intake will be reduced if not completely prevented. Consistent exercise will complement increased metabolism since exercises can help burn cholesterol in the body.

This process in the body which helps in weight loss is called “calorie and cholesterol deficiency”. Simply put, the intake of cholesterol and calories is reduced (proper diet and control of appetite) while shedding of cholesterol and calories is increased (increased metabolism and exercise).

Efficiency and Side Effects

Diethylpropion emphasizes on exercise and proper diet because the efficiency of the weight loss drug is almost non-existent without these practices. But that doesn’t mean Diethylpropion is just a placebo drug since those that have used the weight loss drug was able to experience more weight loss compared to those who only practiced regular exercise and diet.

But don’t expect Diethylpropion to work like a wonder drug. Even in optimal condition, the weight loss drug will not make you shed more than 1lb. It’s a very slow process but still more effective compared to regular diet and exercise. This gradual weight loss could also be observed in other weight loss prescription drugs.

Like most prescription drugs, Diethylpropion have its share of side effects. However, these side effects are often easy to be tolerated if they would occur.

The side effects should be expected when the user does not follow the recommended dosage. There are those who believe that by increasing the dosage, weight loss should be faster. While it might happen, the side effects are very dangerous.

The following are the side effects that should be expected from Diethylpropion:

Loss of sleep (insomnia)
Mood swings
Stomach pain
Headache and nausea

These side effects could be attributed to the increased adrenaline of the body. Since metabolism increases by increased dosage, the body will be very active to the point that it will not be tired or seek rest. This is very dangerous since the body will eventually seek alternatives to recuperate later.

The increase of metabolism could also cause heart problems and increase in blood pressure. Adrenaline helps in metabolism which is triggered by increased blood flow in the body. To achieve the required blood flow, the heart will have to pump faster. These processes will naturally lead to heart attack and stroke which are very fatal if no medical attention is given immediately. If abnormal rapid heartbeat and increase of blood pressure is experienced to the point of chest pain seek the assistance of a doctor as soon as possible.

Interaction with Drugs and Caution

Diethylpropion could be dangerous when they are taken with certain drugs at the same time. It is important to inform your doctor about your current and even previous medical conditions and medications. This will give your doctor an idea if you should be prescribed with the Diethylpropion.

There are two medical conditions that will make the doctor prevent those who seek this drug: high blood pressure and heart problems. If you have been diagnosed previously with these conditions, it would be better not to seek approval to take this weight loss drug since your doctor will most likely prevent you from taking this drug.

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