Bontril Diet Pill Review

Does It Really Work?

Bontril is a weight loss prescription only drug designed to help those with weight problems as a short term solution. The product is manufactured by Valeant Pharmaceuticals wherein they created two versions of Bontril. The first version is a quick reacting but with a short term effect pill (known as Bontril PDM) and the second version of Bontril is a capsule that offers long term effect on the body (Bontril SR). A doctor’s prescription is required to take any of these drugs.

Bontril contains Phendimetrazine which is a drug developed by the same Pharmaceutical. Phendimetrazine is closely associated with amphetamine but instead of focusing on psychological effects, Phendimetrazine helps in increasing metabolism while reducing appetite of the individual.

Weight loss through Bontril is achieved in two ways; first is to suppress appetite and cravings and second is to increase metabolism in the individual. Since these methods in weight loss is common in many weight loss drugs, side effects that usually come with these weight loss products should be expected as well.

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Efficiency of Bontril

Before looking into the efficiency of Bontril, it should be noted that there are no weight loss drugs on the market that could drastically reduce your weight in one week. The side effects are too dangerous (often fatal) if a person uses drugs extensively to reduce weight in just a few days.

With this in mind, Bontril’s efficiency is not miraculous. In fact, only a few percent of a pound will be shed every week. And this will not be possible without any dietary changes. Bontril will require the user to diet and avoid fatty foods since uncontrolled eating in every meal will prevent any positive effects of Bontril. Doctors that issue the drug will likely enforce strict diet during the medication period.

The effects of Bontril in terms of weight loss will never continue even with sustained usage of the drug. After a few weeks of using Bontril, users will notice that the efficiency of Bontril is not the same. The body has already adjusted to the appetite suppressing features of the weight loss drug. Metabolism will also decrease after a few weeks.

For that reason, users should stop Bontril as soon as the required medication ends. Continuous usage of Bontril will never foster weight loss and might cause various side effects. Drug abuse is possible with Bontril because of the side effects coming from the drug.

Side Effects

Many users of Bontril who follow the prescription with proper diet plans will likely not experience any side effects and if the side effects would happen, they are usually tolerable. Overdose of Bontril is very likely among users because the effect of Bontril is barely noticeable after a few weeks of usage. Some would resort to increased dosage just to maintain the effect of Bontril. But as already indicated, this practice will only lead to side effects instead of weight loss.

The expected side effects from Bontril are the following:

Stomach Problems
Increased Urination with Occasional Pain
Excessive Sweating

In some circumstances, Bontril could also cause fatal side effects such as increased heart rate (leading to heart attack) or rapid increase of blood pressure (leading to massive stroke). Psychological side effects were also noticed and attributed to Bontril. In some occasion, allergies would happen in some users.

These side effects are attributed to the close make-up of phendimetrazine to amphetamine. The drug is primarily an agent to increase concentration. This could lead to psychological side effects and increased in metabolism since the mind can concentrate when the blood runs well in the body – a function also needed to increase concentration. But heightened blood flow will lead to serious consequences.

Warning about Bontril Usage

As already indicated, Bontril could lead to abuse which increases the risk of experiencing side effects. Always follow your doctor’s advice on what will be taken (pill or capsule) and when it should be taken. If you missed your scheduled dosage of the drug, do not compensate it on your next use because it can easily lead to overdose. Your doctor might require you to split the pill version of the drug in half to prevent overdose.

It is also important to inform your doctor regarding any current and previous medical conditions you had. This will guide your doctor to the right dosage or simply to deny you with this weight loss drug. If you have previous records related to heart problems and blood pressure, your doctor might not prescribe this drug.

Records of alcohol abuse and allergies should also prevent you from taking this drug. Alcoholism will negate the effects of Bontril. That means you have spent money on a drug that will not have any effect at all. Bontril could also trigger allergic reactions which could be dangerous. Those who are breastfeeding and pregnant should also avoid this drug. Although no direct effect has been noted, popular practice suggests no medicines should be taken during pregnancy.

The cause of obesity or weight problems should also be noted. While many point to uncontrolled eating as the cause of weight gain, some obesity is caused by previous medical conditions. Those who are suffering from glaucoma should never take this drug as it only worsens the medical condition.

Bontril is, in effect, a short term weight loss drug. But careful consideration and controlled use has to be observed in order to gain the advantage offered by the product.

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