Adipex is a weight loss drug specifically made for short term weight loss plan. The drug is usually issued for individuals who have a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or more and those who are suffering from obesity. As a short term weight loss drug, its efficiency could only be felt for a few weeks. As the body slowly becomes familiar with the drug; its efficiency wanes. This drug is usually regarded as an aid for those who are suffering from weight problems who wanted to start as soon as possible in losing weight.

The main component of Adipex-p (or just plain Adipex) is the “p” which means Phentermine. This is a type of weight loss drug that aids in weight loss by suppressing the appetite. The chemical composition of Phentermine is closely related to amphetamine – known for helping those who are suffering from depression and attention deficit disorder (ADD). While amphetamine focuses on these problems, one of its major effects is loss of appetite. Aside from loss of appetite for weight loss, it may also help increase metabolism in the body.

Its Efficiency

Even though this medication provides short term weight loss solution, the result is not a drastic weight loss to the user. Drastic weight loss is rarely the feature of many weight loss solutions and they could be dangerous especially if they are not properly administered.

Users should expect minimal weight loss during its usage. With proper diet, Adipex-p should help in shedding less than a pound per week. Because of the loss of appetite, less food is taken which could easily translate to less weight gain. With the help of increased metabolism, the user should be able to experience weight loss of a few pounds after a few weeks under the supervision of medical professional.

It is important to note that this will only work when the user is willing to undergo proper diet. High calorie meals should be avoided during medication since it could negate the effects of Adipex-p. Even with an increased metabolism, the body will not be able to keep up in burning calories to help the user lose weight.

Side Effects of Adipex-p

The key to understanding the side effects is to know its close relationship with amphetamine. Adipex-p could help in losing weight, but in the process of using the drug, the user might experience insomnia, mood swings, dizziness and even sexual problems.

Another side effect that users of Adipex-p should be aware of is the rapid heart rate. Increase in metabolism is only possible if the blood have to flow in the body faster. This means the heart have to pump faster to get the blood flowing to increase metabolism. For those with serious heart conditions, this side effect could be fatal. Over dosage of this drug is highly possible because of the frustration one could experience because its effects can’t be easily noticed after a week of using the product.

Interaction with Other Drugs

Before talking to your doctor about this medication for weight loss, be sure to inform him or her about your current medications. Adipex-p might be an effective weight loss drug but it will not work if they are mixed with other drugs in the body.

It is very dangerous when they are mixed with anti-depressant drugs. One of the other side effects of this drug is the mood swings, and the addition of anti-depressant could only make matters worse. Those who are also under prescription for diabetes should also avoid Adipex-p. Because these pills will help you reduce your appetite, regular intake of medication for diabetes should be reconsidered.

Drugs that contain sodium bicarbonate should also be taken with caution if the patient wishes to use weight medication. Sodium bicarbonate-based drugs are usually taken to control acidity in the body when they are taken with Adipex, there is a chance that the Phentermine content in the body could increases which could lead to drastic side effects.

Last but not the least is alcohol. Aside from healthy diet, drinking alcohol is discouraged because it will only prevent the efficiency of the drug.

Your doctor should ask you questions related to your current medication before advising the dosage for Adipex-p. Intake without consideration of other medications is very dangerous.

Preconditions for This Medication

Before taking Adipex-p, users have to remember that the drug should be used according to doctor’s recommendation only . The drug is usually taken daily in the morning or twice depending on the doctor’s recommendation. After the time frame of medication, users have to stop using the drug completely to avoid abuse. Like amphetamine, Phentermine could be abused and would lead to serious and fatal side effects to the body.

Adipex(P) should never be taken by those with heart conditions and high blood pressure. Because of the increased metabolism that the body will experience, the blood could pump faster which would lead to rapid heart rate and rapid increase of blood pressure. Even the generic version should never be recommended for heart patients or those with high blood pressure.

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