Did you know Phentermine is one of the most popular and most prescribed weight loss medications of all time? Yet, it’s becoming increasingly more difficult to get approved.
What Is Phentermine
A frequent question despite its popularity
It is a short-term treatment pill to fight obesity, to be used side by side with dieting and exercising. With all these efforts put together, you should be able to quickly lose weight in a matter of weeks. Learn More
Use & Precautions
Important information that shouldn’t be ignored
This diet pill is not for everyone. There are certain types of people who must take extra care when taking phentermine. You should also NOT take phentermine with other diet pills because it may trigger a very rare type of lung disorder called a pulmonary hypertension.
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How It Works
Simple and effective
Phentermine comes in a form of a pill that can be easily taken every day and it is both an appetite suppressant and a stimulant.
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Phentermine History
Let’s dig a little deeper
Phentermine, pronounced as FEN-ter-meen, is the generic name of the marketed diet pills Adipex-P, Zantryl, T-Diet and Oby-Cap. It has been around for decades on the market and is available as a prescription-only drug.
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Brand Names & Replacements

Helps you lose weight by suppressing your appetite and at the same time, boosting your metabolism. Reports of losing 20 to 30 pounds is not uncommon.


This weight loss medication is used primarily as a short term treatment for obesity, coupled with dieting and exercise. A prescription is usually required.


This new product on the market is a safe and effective Ephedra replacement that aids in burning fat and consistent weight loss.


Ephedra works by boosting your metabolism so that you burn more and more calories with the same amount of effort that you exert everyday.


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Common Questions

Why was Phentermine created?

It was created as a means to assist patients who are diagnosed with obesity by their doctors. It is not a […] Continue Reading

How long does Phentermine usually work?

Phentermine was meant to be a temporary solution to obesity and works per each dose. Due to the variations […] Continue Reading

What milligrams are available?

This weight loss medication is available in 37.5mg, 30mg, and 15mg strengths.

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